The beginning of your child’s education and care journey can sometimes be overwhelming at first – so we have compiled a list of useful links and documents to help make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible for all our families and children.

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Emergency Policies and Procedures

Serious InjuryIllness or Death of a Child
Administration of First Aid
Emergency & Evacuation
Handover to, or Collection of Children by Persons Deemed Unfit
Incident, Injury, Trauma & Illness
Late Collection of Children
Missing Child
Non Arrival of a Child After School
Unauthorised Collection and Removal of Children

Health Policies and Procedures

Administration of Medication
Dealing with Infectious Diseases
Medical Conditions
Preventing Illness
Nutrition & Food Safety
Physical Activity
Sleep & Rest

Child Safety Policies and Procedures

Acceptance & Refusal of Authorisation
Child Protection
Delivery & Collection
Plants & Vegetation
Sun Smart
Tobacco, Drug & Alcohol Free Environment
Use and Storage of Dangerous Products
Water Safety

Educational Practice

Educational Program
Environmental Sustainability
Family & Community Partnership
Interactions with Children
Physical Envirnonment

Service Operation Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct
Determining the Responsible Person with Day to Day Charge
Enrolment and Orientation
Participation of Volunteers and Students
Child Care Fees

FDC Policies and Procedures

Engagement and Registration of Family Day Care Educators
Keeping a Register of Family Day Care Educators - Final Version
Assessment of Family Day Care Educators & Persons Residing at Family Day Care Residence Policy
Monitoring Support and Supervision of Family Day Care Educators
Provision of Information, Assistance & Professional Development to Family Day Care Educators Policy
Re-Registration of Family Day Care Educators Policy
Assessment, Approval & Re-Assessment of Approved Family Day Care Residences and Venues Policy
Visitors to Family Day Care Residences and Venues Policy
Family Day Care EducatorChild Ratio Policy
Family Day Care Educator AssistantRelief Educator Policy
Child Safe Environment Policy
Enrolment & Delivery and Collection of Children
Interactions and Engagement with Children
Medical and Associated Conditions
Sleep Rest and Relaxation
Emergency and Evacuation
Complaints and Grievances
Educator Wellbeing
Outside of Hours and Overnight Policy