Thrive Group has been providing quality care for children from birth to 13 years of age in Tasmania since 1975.

About Us

Our mission is to provide a network of community-based Education and Care services that focus on empowering children in a fun and safe environment. All our services are assessed against the National Quality Framework, ensuring that every child receives an individually tailored and high quality learning experience.

At Thrive Group we pride ourselves on providing vital access to quality education and care in rural , regional and remote areas – we go where others won’t.

We work closely with the local communities and form meaningful partnerships with families. We pride ourselves on having caring, professional staff who are passionate about education and care and acknowledge children’s right to play, and explore. We acknowledge children’s rights to self-determination and to be provided with safe and challenging environments to occupy.

Our purpose is to support families and strengthen the foundations of our communities by delivering high-quality education and care services to the children of Tasmania.

Our Services

Our education and care services provide a safe environment filled with challenging and engaging experiences for children in our services.

Offering three service options, we have a range of options that can cater to families’ schedules and adapt to individual requirements so children take part in meaningful learning experiences with staff who are caring and passionate about Early Childhood Education and Care.

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  • We see others as creative global citizens and value the unique perspectives they bring
  • We treat others with empathy and respect.


  • We see the world through an ethical lens
  • We take responsibility for our actions and speak up when necessary.


  • We see each child and their family as contributors and creators.
  • We work in teams and collaborate with others.


  • We are evidence informed and seek to lead by example.
  • We deliver high-quality education and care.


To enable Tasmania’s children to thrive while they explore and contribute to the wonder filled world around them.


To create opportunities for Tasmanian children and their families to lead lives full of possibility and to thrive.